Okay, there’s been quite a bit of news on upcoming releases in the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, I’m delighted to say to my Italian readers that Newton Compton (who did a fine job with a beautifully-produced “Venetian Game”) will be releasing an Italian translation of “Vengeance in Venice” at some point in, hopefully, the not-too-distant future. No dates as yet, it’s far too early for that, but it is going to happen.

Secondly, you might have noticed that both “Game” and “Vengeance” are now available in three formats on Amazon – paperback, kindle and audio. Yes, the audio downloads of both will be available within the next six weeks or so – “Game” scheduled for May 17th, and “Vengeance” for the 31st. Tim Bruce is the narrator, who has a load of experience in Italian-based thrillers, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing these myself.

And finally, “The Venetian Masquerade” is available for pre-order from Amazon, Waterstones and probably other places as well. Nothing so exciting as a cover image or a blurb as yet! I’ll let you know when there’s more…

In the meantime, from a bright and sunny Venice (I give it perhaps a week before I start complaining about the heat), a very good weekend to all!

7 thoughts on “Audio

  1. Vengeance is in my Amazon cart. It has been almost a year since my friend bought the first book, in Venice, for my birthday. I am not lucky enough to celebrate in Venice this year but I’m excited to get the new book in time for my birthday.. Thanks.

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  2. Apparently neither Game nor Vengeance is available in Kindle format, at least in the US; I will keep trying though. I am the proud owner of a Kindle copy of The Venice Project. Can we call it a first edition in that format? 😉


    1. Hi there – I’ve just checked on and there are kindle listings for both books, so it should be available in the US. And, yes, given that there will be no further Kindle copies of The Venice Project, I think you can call that a first edition (or first-and-only edition)!


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