Publication Day

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I haven’t got very much time to write, but I have got a lot of people to thank…

Big thanks to everyone at Constable and at Waterstones who are doing a great, great job of supporting both “The Venetian Game” and “Vengeance in Venice”. It was a pleasure to be in London last weekend, doing a round of bookshops and signing stock. Everybody was lovely, and it was a lot of fun.

I’m delighted to be going back to Wales in June for a signing at Carmarthen Waterstones at 12.00 on June 20th, and a talk and a Q&A at the Swansea branch at 6.30 on 21st June. It would be great to do some more signings around the country – it really does depend on when I’m back in the UK, but I will try.

Thanks to the design team at Constable for the splendid Twitter/Facebook/Webpage header – I’m absolutely rubbish at this sort of thing, and the site looks so much better for your work.

Mainly, of course, a very big thank you to all of you – do please keep reading.

More news on future releases to come, but I think that’s enough at the end of a very busy day. I need, in no particular order, a lie-down and a Negroni…

Many thanks again!


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