Publication Day

I haven’t got very much time to write, but I have got a lot of people to thank…

Big thanks to everyone at Constable and at Waterstones who are doing a great, great job of supporting both “The Venetian Game” and “Vengeance in Venice”. It was a pleasure to be in London last weekend, doing a round of bookshops and signing stock. Everybody was lovely, and it was a lot of fun.

I’m delighted to be going back to Wales in June for a signing at Carmarthen Waterstones at 12.00 on June 20th, and a talk and a Q&A at the Swansea branch at 6.30 on 21st June. It would be great to do some more signings around the country – it really does depend on when I’m back in the UK, but I will try.

Thanks to the design team at Constable for the splendid Twitter/Facebook/Webpage header – I’m absolutely rubbish at this sort of thing, and the site looks so much better for your work.

Mainly, of course, a very big thank you to all of you – do please keep reading.

More news on future releases to come, but I think that’s enough at the end of a very busy day. I need, in no particular order, a lie-down and a Negroni…

Many thanks again!


One thought on “Publication Day

  1. When you’re rested up, get your people onto getting the Kindle version sorted for all those US folks who seem to be missing out.

    Well done, Jones team.


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