Whatever happened to “The Venice Project”?

An unexpected, but very welcome, side-effect of the success of “The Venetian Game” was the impact it had on sales of my first book, the self-published “The Venice Project”.

You may have noticed that the page for that book has been removed from this site. And, indeed, that it’s no longer available from Amazon.

The reason is that Little, Brown are republishing it next year as a large-format paperback with additional material.

I owe an immense amount to this little book, without which none of Nathan Sutherland’s adventures would ever have come to light. I’ve recently re-read it, for the first time in years, and I still think it stands up well. So I’m absolutely delighted that it’s now going to be professionally published and widely distributed. And I’m looking forward to revising it, and taking the story beyond its initial ending.

Apologies to those of you who’ve found themselves unable to buy a copy – I promise you, it will be worth the wait. For those of you who recently bought a copy – well, you now have a very, very limited edition indeed as that version is not going to be available again.

Further information on cover and contents as soon as I have it…

To Venice with Love : A Midlife Adventure will be available from March 7th 2019, and is already available for pre-order.

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