Happy New Year, everyone!

Well, 2022 was a pretty good year all things being considered. The Angels of Venice was warmly received and – despite rail strikes and a truly insane heatwave – I managed to do a few events in the UK to promote it and met up with a few mates along the way. Less positively, I also managed to give James Oswald Covid (he was, typically, ever so nice about it).

Elsewhere, I was lucky enough to be a guest at the wonderful Headread festival in Tallinn, just in time for the Estonian release of The Venetian Game. Lovely city, lovely country and we met some great people as well.

David Hewson, Gregory Dowling and myself held a well-received event at the Studium bookshop in Venice and hopefully we’ll look at doing something similar again this year. And, on a personal level, I celebrated turning 56 by visiting the Dario Argento retrospective in Turin. Caroline, bless her, was ever so patient with me…

Anyway, this is just a quick post to keep you all up to date with what’s happening in Nathan-world over the following months.

February is a busy month, as that sees the release of Das Venezianische Grab (the German edition of Venetian Gothic translated, as ever, by the wonderful Birgit Salzman, and the UK paperback of The Angels of Venice.

July 13th sees the release of this year’s Nathan adventure, The Venetian Candidate which is now available for pre-order (and did I ever tell you how much authors love pre-orders?) The paperback edition will follow in February 2024.

At some point there’ll also be an Estonian edition of Vengeance in Venice – more information on that as I get it.

Event-wise, there’ll be the Gwyl Crime Cymru Festival in Aberystwyth, from 21st-23rd April. There will be more, much more, information on this to come – but suffice to say that a lot of very talented people have worked extremely hard to make this happen, and it is going to be epic.

I hope, as last year, to be doing a few signings/events around the UK when Candidate comes out. Again, more info as I get it. But hopefully I won’t get Covid this time..

The big news, however, is that I’ve been delighted to sign another contract with my publisher, which will see the Nathan series running at one book a year until 2026. I find still find that hard to believe. It doesn’t feel like six years since the release of The Venetian Game and now, suddenly, we’re talking about a ten-book series (and hopefully beyond). As I’ve said before – this is all down to you.

With my thanks, as ever, for all your support; and wishing you a very happy 2023!

18 thoughts on “2023

  1. This is very good news Philip and may your success continue. I concur with Mr Roche, that you are a gentleman. As well as the books being most enjoyable, you always have time to respond to your readers, which is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to your next book my next visit to Venice later in January.

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  2. So pleased that everything is going so well and looking forward to all the forthcoming Nathan adventures….and the ongoing Gramsci appearances😀
    Publication dates for Canadian readers are always a bit delayed but will keep a lookout next summer.
    I, too, would like to thank you for keeping in touch with your readers…very thoughtful indeed.


  3. All wonderful news but hard “all down to you”. It’s entirely the result of your talent and of the efforts of your team. Your readers just enjoy it all! Happy 2023. And thank you!


    1. That’s very kind…but I do mean it…this wouldn’t happen without my readers and I’m very grateful for that. Have a great 2023 and hope to see you later in the year xx


  4. Amazon somewhat alarmingly tells me that THE VENETIAN CANDIDATE is “book 1 of 5” and that I already have it, but I pre-ordered anyway. We shall see what happens . . .


    1. I think Amazon have gone a bit mad (as they sometimes do) and are confusing it with THE VENETIAN GAME. I’m pretty sure you haven’t read it before 🙂 I’ll have a word with my publisher and see if they can sort it out.


      1. I’ve just discovered I can pre order the kindle edition of The Venetian Candidate which will be released by Amazon.com on July 13. Entering your name produced no result but when I asked specifically about The Venetian Candidate I was able to pre order…
        …..no image available yet,


      2. Thanks…Amazon can be very flaky at times and it’s actually quite difficult to get it changed. I’ll mention it to my publisher and see what they can do.


  5. I’ve just finished Angels of Venice, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But it was listed on Amazon without any indication that this was a continuation of a series. Frustrating to learn that there are 5 prior books with these characters, and now when I start from the beginning I’ll be doing so knowing where they’re going, in their personal lives and relationships. And if any are ever in danger the element of suspense will be completely lost. What a shame.

    AND – I don’t understand the use of the word “surgery” when Nathan notes that he has no surgery to do at a certain time. Maybe it’s a British / Welsh thing that isn’t translating to US English? But – is he a surgeon? What’s the story on this?

    TIA. Other than these questions, I’m very much enjoying your writing.


    1. Hello Mary!

      Thanks for taking the time to write. Sorry about the misunderstanding with the listing on Amazon. To be honest, they can be a bit of a law unto themselves when it comes to listing books, but I’ll have a word with my publisher and see if they can get them to make it a bit more clearer.

      For your information, the sequence is : The Venetian Game, Vengeance in Venice, The Venetian Masquerade, Venetian Gothic, The Venetian Legacy, The Angels of Venice and The Venetian Candidate (coming in July 2023)

      And finally : in British English, a “surgery” can also be defined as a time when a professional person makes themselves available to give advice. Members of Parliament, for example, hold surgeries for their constituents. And Nathan, in his capacity as Honorary Consul, holds surgeries a couple of times a week for people seeking advice or help. Perhaps it’s no longer used that way in the US – I’m afraid I have no idea.

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed “Angels”, and many thanks again for writing!



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