Venetian Gothic

Well, the title’s been on Amazon for months and many of you knew it anyway, but here 51Ac8gPIozL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_we are : Nathan Sutherland returns in “Venetian Gothic” next April, and here is a preview of the cover.

As to what it’s about…well, it’s a Nathan Sutherland novel, of course, so you kind of know what to expect by now, but it’s also my attempt at trying to integrate themes from the original concept of the Gothic novel into a contemporary crime story. You can judge if I succeeded or not next April!

There’s more information on the “Venetian Gothic” tag above – do be warned that, as ever, there are some mild spoilers! (I always think back-cover blurbs tend to give too much plot away, so I’ve edited it down so that it doesn’t reveal too much).

I have really enjoyed writing this one – I hope you all enjoy reading it.


8 thoughts on “Venetian Gothic

  1. Just finished Masquerade, very excited to see I only need to wait six months or so for another Sutherland book. I read the first two and To Venice with Love (the original) before my first trip to Venice last year, I felt so comfortable in La Serenissima thanks to those books. Imagine my surprise when reading Masquerade and Nathan and Father Michael head over to Corner Pub. We stumbled across it on our trip and had the BEST sandwiches there. It was such a treat to be able to picture exactly where they were (we walked past St. George’s on the way to the Vapparetto afterwards). Anyway, I shall stop blathering now and just say thanks for such great books that help keep alive (in my mind) a city I can’t wait to visit again.


  2. Just spent a few days again with the Nathan Sutherland books, and on re-reading them like this really feel that you do know your way round Venice so very well. I can picture almost every route “he” takes, from our many visits there over the years ( usually in winter – can’t stand heat) and although not always finding the plot lines quite to my taste, love the grumpy cat, so like our own! Please keep on writing so fluently.


  3. Very much looking forward to this. I’ve really enjoyed the other books. Read Masquerade during a visit to Venice last year. It was the icing on the cake of an already wonderful trip.

    Hope you are saying safe in these uncertain times.


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