Listening with Nathan : The Venetian Game

My good friend (and German translator) Birgit Salzmann recently asked me if she could have a playlist for “The Venetian Game”. I have to say, I’d never even thought about this before, but as I looked at putting lists together for the three Nathan Sutherland books, the more interesting the idea became.

As you’ve probably noticed, music plays a big role in all three books. It is, of course, all stuff that I actually listen to. What I hadn’t realised is that they way I use music has actually changed a bit over the course of the series, and that was quite interesting to me.

We’ll start, then, with perhaps the most straightforward list : The Venetian Game. Almost all the tracks here are referenced in the book, and are all things that Nathan or Dario would listen to. It is, perhaps, a bit Pink Floyd-heavy, but all the tracks – in one way or another – are important in the context of either the characters or the story.

There are a few additional tracks not mentioned in the book. “Bandiera Rossa” / “Fischia il Vento” are communist/partisan anthems put in for the benefit of Sergio and Lorenzo. And I added “Games Without Frontiers” to the end as I felt it brought the list to a satisfying conclusion (“If looks could kill, they probably will…”).

My lists for “Vengeance” and “Masquerade” will follow in the next couple of days. In the meantime, happy listening.

The Venetian Game – Soundtrack

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