To Venice…

So, as some of you will know, I’ve just received my author copies of “To Venice With Love.” It’s my first time in trade paperback size, and I think it looks wonderful.

A few words then, on what has changed since “The Venice Project”. Well, the new version brings the story up to date, and has been professionally edited and produced. There’s IMG_3481more background to the story and as to how Caroline and I ended up where we were, a lot of material has been rewritten and about a third of it is completely new. If”The Venice Project” was the rough sketch, “To Venice…” is what I was aiming towards, and what the original book, perhaps, should have been. If nothing else, the new edition has a proper narrative to it instead of feeling like a disparate collection of articles. Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s a charm to “The Venice Project” – if nothing else, it’s absolutely honest – and I’m very grateful to it. But I also hope I’ve learned a few things as a writer since 2013. 

It was interesting and, to be honest, a bit strange to revisit it. After all, the genesis of what I still call “The Project” goes back almost ten years. I suppose we were more than a little naive when we first moved and, yet, here we still are. Caroline is semi-retired, I manage to hold down one-and-a-half jobs (both of which I’m very lucky to have) and, along the way, Mimì joined us for the ride. As I write, we’re surrounded by boxes as we prepare to move house again, and another little adventure begins.

Anyway, initial response to To Venice With Love has been very positive, and very exciting. I’m delighted that Reader’s Digest magazine have made it their non-fiction Book of the Month in their April edition. Readers of the Sunday Times will be able to read an extract (and, gulp, see photos of us both!) in the Home section of the March 3rd edition. And if you’re at a loose end on the morning of Monday 4th, you can tune in to Talk Radio Europe and hear me in conversation with Giles Brown at 10.30 GMT / 11.30 CET.

Thanks to all of you again, and I hope you enjoy the book. As ever, do feel free to get in touch, it’s always a pleasure to hear your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “To Venice…

  1. Oh goody! Another Venice-linked book for me to read! Keep on writing, please. In some ways you’ve done what many of us fantasise about doing, usually when we’re on holiday in wonderful Venice. Love to Mimi, she looks delightful – and Yvonne’s right, she has got her eye on the box!


  2. Love your new crime series with Nathan, Fede and Gramsci! Have now ordered To Venice With Love. Best of luck, hope you have mega sales. Indeed, I’ve put photos of the covers of your Nathan books on my Instagram page today and I will mention your latest novel on my next blog post. I’ve never been to Venice nor am likely to go, but your novels bring this amazing place to life for me, so thank you for that!
    Margaret Powling
    Torbay, Devon


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