It’s always better on holiday…

Back, then, from two weeks in Sicily where we are a lot of fish and drank the occasional Negroni. I even managed to get some work done. Edits for “The Venetian Masquerade” have been marked up, and I’ve got a story ready for Book 4 (‘The Arctic Blue Book’ as it’s called for now.)

IMG_2885.JPGArrived back home to find a little treat waiting in the shape of the CD box set of “The Venetian Game”. This is produced by Oakhill Publishing and is for use by libraries – otherwise it’s the same as the recently produced Audible edition. As you can see, they’ve tweaked the cover design – quite different, more classical looking perhaps, but I like it.

In other news, we’ve managed to sell the German translation rights for the first two books. The first one won’t be out until 2020, so there’ll be a bit of a wait until there’s any more news but still – very exciting.

Similarly there’s a few events coming up in the next few months, including the “Mesthriller” crime fiction festival in Mestre. Again, more news a bit nearer the time.

Venice is punishingly hot and humid at the moment – obviously I expect no sympathy at from those of you in the UK. In an effort to escape the heat, Mimi the cat has taken to sleeping under the sofa or outside on the balcony at night. I think she might be on to something…IMG_2931

Finally, on a sadder note, I’ve only just found out about the recent death of the author and critic Jessica Mann. I never met her, but was absolutely thrilled when she gave “The Venetian Game” a nice review in the Literary Review last year. For a first-time novelist, things like this really do make all the difference.  Thank you, Jessica.

4 thoughts on “It’s always better on holiday…

  1. I’m very envious of your Sicily trip – I was due to start my holiday there this Friday, but had my appendix removed yesterday morning after what seemed like an eternity of excruciating pain, but was actually 29 hours. Luckily, having just started “Vengeance”, I had the presence of mind to grab my Kindle on the way to A&E! It has kept me amused and enthralled since I came out of theatre, and has considerably enhanced the pain-relieving qualities of morphine! Thank you very much for both the Nathan Sutherland stories which I’ve enjoyed immensely, and for the bar and restaurant tips which I will be following on my next visit to La Serenissima.

    Very much looking forward to “Masquerade”!


    1. Thank you Maria…”taking the edge off appendicitis” might just be the best review I’ve ever had! So glad you enjoyed it, what a shame you had to cancel your holiday. Get well soon!


  2. Hi Philip
    A few days before my second trip to Venice I walked into Waterstones in Edinburgh to see tables filled with your book “ The Venetian Game “
    What synchronicity!!
    Needless to say I bought it and enjoyed reading it so much never knowing that Nathan the protagonist also had an Edinburgh connection.
    Today I purchased “ Vengeance in Venice “ and look forward to starting that this weekend.
    I’ve now booked my flight for my next trip , this time over Christmas and New year to get the feel of a quieter , wintery Venice.
    Venice has stolen my heart !!
    Thanks again for your wonderful books
    Best Wishes
    Cathy Johnson


    1. Hi Cathy…thanks for getting in touch. Yes, Nathan does have an Edinburgh connection! Do enjoy your trip over Christmas and New Year, it’s a lovely time to be in the city. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy “Vengeance”.

      Many thanks, once again,


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