Launch Parties

I was delighted (and more than a bit surprised) to be invited to the launch of LS Hilton’s Domina on the terrace of the Bauer Palazzo. Lovely evening, looking out towards the church of the Salute. I was rather wondering exactly what I’d done to warrant an invite when LS herself came over and told me she’d bought a copy of The Venetian Game in Waterstones in Picadilly a few weeks back, and stuck me me on the guest list as a result. At this point, despite my best efforts to look cool, I think I might have choked on my prosecco!

My own launch was at Laguna Libre in Cannaregio. Lovely to see so many friends there, and we managed to sell out of books as well. Here are some photos.

A few more reviews have come in – an excellent one from Saga magazine, and I was also delighted to get a very positive mention in the Literary Review.

And as for Book 2…well the manuscript was delivered to my publisher this morning. Which means that, for a few weeks at least, I can relax…

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