“Sinister and shimmering, “The Venetian Game” is as haunting and darkly elegant as Venice itself”.

– LS Hilton, bestselling author of Maestra

“…a playful novel, recounted by a witty and engaging narrator. …as Venetian as a painting by Bellini (or a glass of Bellini). Oh, and it’s also an unputdownable thriller.”  

– Gregory Dowling, author of “Ascension”

“It is superb  – always gripping, beautifully constructed…it will be a roaring success.”

– Stephen Glover

“It is no surprise to find that Philip Gwynne Jones lives in Venice…art and architecture interweave into a story that builds to an almost surreal climax.”

   – Daily Mail

“A crime story that positively thrives among the shadowy streets and canals of Venice…Gorgeous escapism with stacks of atmosphere and double-cross.”

– Sue Price, Saga magazine

“…enjoyable first novel…The Venetian setting is vividly described and Gwynne Jones’s good, fluent writing makes for easy reading.”

– Jessica Mann, Literary Review

“…a civilized, knowledgeable, charming antidote to the darker reaches of the genre, full of entertaining descriptions of the city….Lovely.  Makes you want to book a flight to Venice straight away.”

– N J Cooper,

“…he puts not one foot wrong with his topography and knowledge…Add a satisfyingly (but not gratuitously) surprising and action-packed ending and you have a book that I can wholeheartedly recommend.”

– Jeff Cotton, Fictional Cities

“This entertaining thriller makes good use of its watery setting, introducing readers to a rougher Venice, hidden behind the familiar facade of gondoliers and frescoes.”

      – Morning Star

“…a quite excellent book…an ideal read for anyone heading out for a Spring break…Philip is entirely knowledgable about the buildings and art of the city. It forms a perfect background to a very well worked thriller.”


“A crime book for people with sophisticated tastes: Venice, opera, renaissance art, good food and wine…we eagerly await the return of Nathan Sutherland and his adventures in La Serenissima.”

– The Crime Warp


 “Un libro da consigliare a chi ama il genere noir, la città di Venezia e quell’irrestistibile umorismo inglese”

– Letteratura e cinema

“Un noir che si legge tutto d’un fiato…è pieno di amore per Venezia, un ringraziamento dell’autore alla città.”

– Corriere dell Veneto