For The Venetian Legacy

Gwynne Jones’s talent for evoking place and atmosphere is clear as ever – Literary Review

The lively, colourful narrative scuds along as briskly as a water taxi…you’ll enjoy the ride – Italia magazine

For Venetian Gothic

Pure pleasure – NJ Cooper, Literary Review

…effortlessly and distractingly gripping…a genuinely emotional ending that will leave you stirred and satisfied. Mr Jones’s books get better with each one. – Jeff Cotton, Fictional Cities

A riveting story of deception and corruption – Daily Mail

For The Venetian Masquerade

…worthy of the grandest of operas…an irresistible concoction of crime and culture – Daily Mail

Gwynne Jones’ entertaining take on his beloved Venice is as delightful as a Spritz by the Rialto – a must for all Italy lovers – David Hewson

…an authentic Venetian page-turner…full of strong and believable emotions and relatable feelings – Jeff Cotton, Fictional Cities 

For To Venice with Love

An inspiring, life-affirming story – Reader’s Digest

For Vengeance in Venice

“He’s clever and great fun, with a beguiling Italian girlfriend, and the art world is held up to some witty satirical attention” – Marcel Berlins, The Times

“…a light and easy to read storyline, with touches of humour and great observations of locale and people…you really feel you are there with the characters! There are just wonderful observations of the city” –

“One damn smooth and very fine Venetian read.” – Jeff Cotton, FictionalCities

“…un giallo classico arricchito dal fascino immortale della città sull’acqua e da una buona dosa di umorismo inglese: un cocktail da bere tutto d’un sorso, come direbbe l’adorabile protagonista.” – Letteratura e Cinema

“Una lettura piacevole e coinvolgente che sarebbe da accompagnare con il prosecco e i cicchetti.” – Patrizia Debicke

For The Venetian Game

“…a civilized, knowledgeable, charming antidote to the darker reaches of the genre, full of entertaining descriptions of the city….Lovely.  Makes you want to book a flight to Venice straight away.” – N J Cooper

“Sinister and shimmering, “The Venetian Game” is as haunting and darkly elegant as Venice itself”. – LS Hilton, bestselling author of Maestra

“…a playful novel, recounted by a witty and engaging narrator. …as Venetian as a painting by Bellini (or a glass of Bellini). Oh, and it’s also an unputdownable thriller.”  – Gregory Dowling, author of “Ascension”

“It is superb  – always gripping, beautifully constructed…it will be a roaring success.” – Stephen Glover

“It is no surprise to find that Philip Gwynne Jones lives in Venice…art and architecture interweave into a story that builds to an almost surreal climax.”   – Daily Mail

“A crime story that positively thrives among the shadowy streets and canals of Venice…Gorgeous escapism with stacks of atmosphere and double-cross.” – Sue Price, Saga magazine

“The Venetian setting is vividly described and Gwynne Jones’s good, fluent writing makes for easy reading.” – Jessica Mann, Literary Review

“…he puts not one foot wrong with his topography and knowledge…Add a satisfyingly (but not gratuitously) surprising and action-packed ending and you have a book that I can wholeheartedly recommend.” – Jeff Cotton, Fictional Cities

“This entertaining thriller makes good use of its watery setting, introducing readers to a rougher Venice, hidden behind the familiar facade of gondoliers and frescoes.” – Morning Star

“…a quite excellent book…an ideal read for anyone heading out for a Spring break…Philip is entirely knowledgable about the buildings and art of the city. It forms a perfect background to a very well worked thriller.” –

“A crime book for people with sophisticated tastes: Venice, opera, renaissance art, good food and wine…we eagerly await the return of Nathan Sutherland and his adventures in La Serenissima.” – The Crime Warp

“Un libro da consigliare a chi ama il genere noir, la città di Venezia e quell’irrestistibile umorismo inglese” – Letteratura e cinema

“Un noir che si legge tutto d’un fiato…è pieno di amore per Venezia, un ringraziamento dell’autore alla città.” – Corriere dell Veneto

“Ein gelungener Auftakt für eine weitere Venedig-Krimiserie. Es ist ein sehr unterhaltsamer Auftakt zu einer neuen Privatschnüffler-Krimiserie, deren Protagonisten man rasch genauso ins Herz geschlossen hat wie dieser seinerseits die Lagunenstadt…Man wünscht Mr. Sutherland – Brexit hin oder her – noch einen langen Aufenthalt in Venedig.” – Wiener Zeitung

“Whimsical characters, witty dialogue and British humour: the Welsh author presents an entertaining novel set against the backdrop of his adopted home, Venice…the lagoon city is the real star, described by the Welshman with great love for its unique art history” – Deutsche Presse-Agentur