(Not) Lost in the Supermarket

Caroline rings me from the “Panorama” supermarket in Marghera.

“You’ll never guess what I’ve just seen!”

I’m a bit lost at this and so my response is an underwhelming “No, I can’t.”

“Go on. What would be the most amazing thing you could see here?”

I’m still a bit stuck. My mind races through the possibilities. The complete print of “The Wicker Man”, thought lost for decades? A steak and kidney pie? A new Hawkwind album?

All of these go through my head. And then I suddenly think, “The book?”

“Yes. They’ve got about a dozen copies. How many shall I buy?”

I fight the urge to say “All of them.” It would, after all, be unfair to the good folk of Marghera. Just a couple, I suggest.

I put the phone down. I have work to do, but, quite obviously, none is going to be done now. I grab a very sleepy Mimi the cat and hold her in front of me. Haven’t you got a brilliant owner? Her legs scrabble through the air, so I put her down. I throw lots of balls for her in order to make up for all this unexpected activity.

I meet Caroline, laden with two heavy trolleys, at Piazzale Roma. It is chucking it down with rain, but I don’t care. All I want to do is get back home.

It looks beautiful. And more than that, it reads really well. The translation is excellent, and the “voice” feels like mine – or, more importantly, Nathan’s. Complimenti Marco Bisanti, we’ve never met, or even spoken, but you’ve done a wonderful job here.

Il Ponte dei Delitti is available from Thursday 21st September. Or right now from Panorama in Marghera. Ten copies remained at the time of writing.








8 thoughts on “(Not) Lost in the Supermarket

  1. Hi Philip, as a Scotsman who has a wife who is besotted with Venice ( we spent 23 days there in Dec 2018) I’ve read your books and am currently reading the “Project” which has set the Mrs off in a frenzy about living in Venice …”Just for a year” The restaurant you mentioned in Verona is it on Via Dietro Pallone? Loved both the books as they take you back to Venice in an instant when you’ve been as often as us….looking forward to the next book……Brian McLeod


    1. Hi Brian, yes that’s the one…and it was very good when we visited. Thanks for all the good wishes, more to come..I’ll be posting about upcoming books in the next week or so. Thanks again, Philip


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